Full-Spectrum Film, TV & Media Production and Post-Production

First, we listen.  Then, we deliver.  Your video, your commercial, your documentary, your campaign, your film—your way.  
We know how to get things done efficiently and on budget. With 31,000 projects completed, we can handle any task you need, from concept to final product.

We are a turnkey solution.  We accomplish the entire production including directing, producing, script writing, sound, art direction, casting, makeup, wardrobe, location management, and craft services.  And we handle all phases of post-production including editing, graphic design, color correction, image stabilization, animation, music, closed-captioning, language versions, duplication and digital distribution.

Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services

The Federal Communications Commission requires all English-language programming (broadcast, cable, satellite) be closed captioned for the benefit of the hearing impaired.

We caption productions for broadcast on all platforms and subtitle videos in more than 50 languages.  Fast and accurate transcriptions, meeting ADA requirements, embedding captions, providing quick turn arounds and delivering files that meet stringent technical specifications of networks are hallmarks of our service.

Language Services

It’s one thing to get the words right…another to get the subtleties of a culture right.  Whichever language(s) your project speaks, we specialize in effectively connecting you with your target audience.  We’ve completed more than 5,500 non-English projects and have the expertise needed to create your deliverables for distribution worldwide.

Translations, narrations, looping, dubbing, and as we said, subtitles.  When you go global with your concept, we’re ready for you.

Conversion & Duplication Services

We handle a multitude of tape, film and digital formats and convert entire corporate libraries as well as precious family footage to any digital file format needed.  From the old, the new and the obscure, we’ve got you covered.

Just to name a few.

Services include fulfillment of duplication orders including DVD and blu ray with full-color, customized labels printed on each disc.

Digital Distribution for Broadcast

The Editing Company has worked with engineering departments at TV stations and networks for over 30 years.  We meet all broadcast specifications and take the extra step to verify that the programs and spots we submit are formally accepted for air by them.

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