Full-Spectrum Visual Image Production

First, we listen.  Then, we deliver.  Your video, your commercial, your documentary, your campaign, your collateral—your way. 
Anywhere in the process, we’re your partner. Want to produce from an established template?  Flesh out a preliminary idea?  Update an existing project?  Just choose your services—buffet style.

Or not.

Let us host, prepare, and serve the whole seven-course meal!  It’s our turnkey solution.  And we love to cook…
Choose turnkey, and we supply, implement, and manage everything.  The key?  Our collaboration with you—every step of the way.
We create the concept.  We accomplish the video and film production:  directing, producing, script writing, sound, art direction, casting, makeup, wardrobe, location management, and craft services.  We complete the post-production:  editing, graphic design, audio, music, closed-captioning, subtitling, duplication, and Web presence development.

Bon appetit.

Full-Spectrum Audio Services

The sound of success resonates inside our dedicated, deluxe, soundproof audio booth.  Voiceover.  Music. Whatever you want to record, this is the place for premium quality.  Whether it’s a basic voiceover with one artist, or a fully-directed session with multiple artists, we have the means to master audio excellence.

Outside the booth?

Our Pro Tools digital audio editing suite puts the sweet in sound.  We’ve got the bells and whistles, and you can hear the difference.  Music tracks.  Sound effects.  Technical enhancements.  We even have a composer on-staff if your project needs a unique musical signature.

How cool is that?!

Closed Captioning and Subtitling Services

The Federal Communications Commission requires all English-language programming (broadcast, cable, satellite) be closed captioned for the benefit of the hearing impaired.

This is a big deal to us.

It’s why we have amazing captioning technology. We caption televised productions in both SD (standard definition) and HD (high definition) format.  We insert embedded captions to leverage the effectiveness of Web-based video.  We use not one, but two captioning systems to add capacity and redundancy for every project.  We engage a transcription process that’s fast and accurate. And we provide subtitling services in more than 50 languages.

Language Services

Whichever language(s) your project speaks, we’ve got you covered.  Translations, narrations, looping, dubbing, and as we said, subtitles.  When you go global with your concept, we have the passport…and the numbers to prove it.  More than 5,500 non-English projects completed…and counting.

But we don’t stop there.

It’s one thing to get the words right…another to get the nuance right.  That’s why we specialize in matching the right language with the right dialect to power your message.

Duplication Services

Before quantity…comes quality.  And we make sure of it.

Our advanced Tape Room…Mission Control we call it…handles 12 distinct video formats—the old, the new, and the obscure.  Everything inside is engineered to the highest quality broadcast standards.  Everything integrates into our workflow.  And everything fully supports our video and audio editing suites.

Mission Control isn’t self-aware…at least not yet…but it is insightful.  It can manage multiple content sources to create vast duplication potential.  This saves us time…and saves you money.

There’s more.

CD and DVD duplication with full-color, customized labels printed on each individual disc.  Fulfillment of duplication orders, any size.  And multi-format audio and video file conversions and compressions…so critical in the Digital Age.

Together, we make things worth repeating.

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