Need a super production company for the super game?

Less than 320 days until the Superbowl once again visits Houston!

If your coming into town and need video production services, look no further!
The Editing Company is a creative, full-service video and audio production company
that has been meeting our client’s needs and goals for over three decades.

We offer a team that includes Producers, Editors, Camera Operators and Sound Technicians. Our facility offers a 30×30 studio, 3 HD editing suites, 1 Audio suite and audio isolation booth.

The Editing Company

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Voice Actor Needed!

We are currently accepting voice samples from African-American males who are between the ages of 10 – 12. The role is being cast for a animated series that will be voiced here in Houston.
If interested, send a recording of yourself (iphone recording is fine) reading the script below. Once finished, send your voice sample to with VO-SAMPLE in the subject line.

This role pays $75 for the first hour and $50 for every additional hour.

NOTE: To apply you must live in the Greater Houston area.

When recording, you can read one of the roles or all of them. It’s up to you.

Good Luck!

-Sample Script-

Please, don’t hurt me. I’ll go away.
No, wait. You can stay.
You won’t hurt me?
No, of course not.
Thank you.

What’s with the tears?
I’m all alone. My family…
It’s all right to cry. Let it all out.
Just relax, you’re among friends.

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Pro Tools

Know how to use Pro Tools? We’re looking for someone who can handle the recording duties for a day of audio recording in the studio.

Email with PROTOOLS in the subject line if your interested and experienced.

This is a paying job and you must be in Houston.

FYI, we’re running ver 10.3.9


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Accepting Headshots

We are accepting headshots (no resumes needed) for Hispanic females ages 8-14 for a local commercial that will be shot on March 3rd.

Must be able to work as a local. Pay is $200

If interested send your photo or headshot to with “TEENAGE BANK TALENT” in the subject line. Make sure to include a contact number.

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Grip needed

Crewing up for a local shoot and we are accepting applications for a grip position that is currently open. The shoot is scheduled for March 3rd.


Great pay
Great crew


Must be able to work with Barry Strickland and John Alcera

Send your resume to


1. Q: Do I have to work with Barry?
A: Yes

2. Q: Does Barry have to be there?
A: Yes

3. Q: Does Barry REALLY have to be there?
A: Yes…we need his truck

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Still looking for actors…

We are still accepting headshots and resumes for a local bank commercial that we are shooting on March 3rd. This is a paying gig!

Accepting headshots/resumes for male Caucasians ages 25-40 and Hispanic males ages from 30-45. You must be able to work as a local.

Send your headshot/resume to with BANK in the subject line.

Good Luck!

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