Voice Talent Needed

Voice talent needed for an eLearning series.
6-9 year old males and females.
Talent must live in Houston.
All recording will take place at The Editing Company, 7030-A Empire Central Drive, Houston, TX 77040 between the hours of 10AM-5PM, Monday-Friday.
Sessions generally take 15-45 minutes, depending on the amount of script to record.
Parents are welcomed to accompany the child and observe the sessions.
We are paying $50 per 15-45 minute session.

For more information email

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Office space for rent

We have 2 offices roughly 11.5 x 14.5 for rent. Both office spaces include access to a Men and Womens bathroom, a kitchen, a front lobby and a conference room. Located at West Little York and Empire Central.

Email nancy(at) or call 713-783-2655 to visit.

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Office for rent.

Conference room.

Kitchen…with bananas.

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Do you have the cutest kittens or puppies in H town?

The Editing Company is looking for the cutest, cuddliest and most adorable puppy dogs or kittens in Houston for a short video shoot. The plan is to create a short video of the pets in our studio. That’s it. Just your kitten or puppy dog sniffing around doing ‘pet’ things.

No acting experience or obedience training needed.  The younger the kitten or puppy dog, the better!

Participants will be given the footage of their pet on DVD or emailed in a viewable file.

If interested, send a photo of your pet(s) to

We will work with your schedule on bringing the pets in.




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Casting Call – UPDATED

Casting a spec commercial for a national financial institution.

Synopsis: After being pulled over for speeding, SUSAN helps her boyfriend DOUG explain to the Police Officer that they are not who he thinks they are.

This is a paying gig.

Female, age 20-30
Hair: Blonde preferred but not necessary.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Notes: the description of SUSAN is “blonde bombshell”

Date: towards the last week of October. Will be flexible.
Location: Houston,TX

Seeking submissions only from Houston,TX

If interested, send headshots and resumes to

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Now Hiring Voice Actors

We are looking for male and female voice actors from New Zealand, between the ages of 19 and 32. Do you have to be from New Zealand you ask? No, but we are looking for authentic sounding New Zealanders.

The project pays $50 an hour and will be recorded at The Editing Company which is located at 7030 Empire Central Houston TX 77040. A date has not yet been set for the recording, so we will strive to work with your schedule.

To submit, email yourself reading the paragraph titled “Script” to Please include a contact number where you can be reached.

Good Luck!


The skin of a tiger shark can typically range from blue to light green with a white or light-yellow underbelly. The advantage of this is that when it is hunting for its prey, when prey looks at the shark from above, the shark will be camouflaged since the water below is darker.

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Hiring voice actors


We are hiring voice actors for a eLearning animated series. If interested in one of the roles, record yourself reading the role you want to try out for and send it to

Please include your full name and phone number along with your submission.

Pay is $50 an hour and will be recorded at The Editing Company. The Editing Company is located at 7030 Empire Central Houston,TX 77040. Hours will be flexible.

We will be accepting submissions until the roles are cast. If selected, you will be notified via email. Good Luck!

Role 1

Jake, a 38-48 Afro-American is the camp counselor. He is part storyteller, part mentor and is always positive and humble.

Jake – It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to keep camp running smoothly all summer long. General counselors are invaluable staff members who spend their whole day with one group of campers.

Jake – They are role models who assist and motivate campers whether they are trying to learn a new skill or they have concerns about an issue or idea. General counselors must be fun-loving, patient and genuinely concerned for the welfare and development of young people.

Role 2

Eddie, a Caucasian 20-something male who tinkers with engineering, makes homemade gadgets. He is well liked and is environmentally aware.

Eddie – Our camp community is small enough to know everybody by first name and to make close friends for life, yet is large and diverse enough to preserve a ton of choices as well to be rich in spirit and unique in experience.

Eddie – Cabin life consists of supervising a camper bunk (six to twelve boys or girls) in conjunction with one or two other co-counselors on a daily basis, particularly during morning cleanup and inspection after breakfast, three meals, rest hour, evening activity, and evening preparation for bed.

Role 3

Romeo Tesla, is from Mediterranean heritage and is 25’ish. He is a romantic, likes to make people laugh, may want to be in sports medicine someday, is athletic and interested in health and nutrition.

Romeo – While many of our campers are accomplished athletes, instruction and good sportsmanship are valued over performance so that all campers are equipped with the skills and confidence to be able to play sports and enjoy the experience.

Romeo – Camp provides a wonderful opportunity to develop and provide different forms of instruction, valuable tools for a coaching or teaching profession.

Role 4

Darcy, a 20-something auburn-headed female is a philosopher and dreamer and is always ready for a journey. Her character is inspired by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She is empathic and may turn out to be a psychologist.

Darcy – For all campers, especially first-timers, being independent from parental care and responsible for oneself is truly transformative.

Darcy – When your child comes home from camp, they may want to begin exploring new interests or decide they’ve outgrown their old crowd.

Darcy – This shift in perspective is an invaluable sense of developing values and you will be astounded at the changes in your child, both large and small.

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PBS documentary screens

A screening of the PBS documentary, “Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy” at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse was hosted by John Daugherty, Realtors. The production of Uptown Houston and the Texas Foundation for the Arts took guests on a cinematic tour of the neighborhood from the 1800s to the the present.



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The documentary, Post Oak Boulevard: A Texas Legacy premiered on Houston Public Media TV 8/PBS on June 27, 2016. The program highlights the rich history of a footprint of land that dates back to early Texas land grants in the 1800s, and now includes The Galleria, Uptown Houston and numerous luxury high-rise residential and commercial buildings, juxtaposed with the serenity of Memorial Park.

A limited number of copies are now available. Only $12.95 plus shipping and handling fees.

If interested, contact

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Young adult voice-over talent needed

TEC is looking for a female young adult voice-over talent for an animated educational series. The role is for a female voice between the ages of 17 and 21. The person selected for the role will have their lines recorded at The Editing Company (290 and Beltway 8). This is a paying gig and will include several sessions. All paided.

To submit follow the instructions below,

1. record yourself reading the dialogue below.
2. email the file to


Shannon: Well your right about how to carry the number over, you just need to check your math.

Good job!

Now that you’ve found the problem, lets go over the steps again.

Keep adding like that and you’ll be a math wizard in no time!

Good Luck!

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